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YA-D8-2 Intensive Care Hospital Bed


Model: YA-D8-2

Overall Size: 2020-2230*1050*570-820mm

Loading capacity: 

Functions: Backrest, Footrest, High-low, Trendelenburg/Reverse,Tilt left/ right, Chair position,Electric CPR

Certificate:  ISO/CE

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YA-D8-2 three-column bed responds to the evolving needs of caregivers and patients. More than just a bed, the YA-D8-2 bed is a treatment device that can better serve hospitals and ICU rooms.

YA-D8-2 three-column bed with left&right tilting is designed to reduce the incidence of bedsores and improve the pulmonary.

Main Feature

- Multiple functions can be achieved with this 3 column bed

- The left and right tilt function can be realized by the column

- One button total chair position is a special feature of this bed

- X-ray translucent back section

- Fifth wheel for direction

- Electric CPR and manual CPR on both sides

- Angle Indicator for Backrest & Trendelenburg & Rev. Trend.

- Weighing scale system (option)

Technical parameters

Overall size2020-2230*1050*570-820mm
Back section adjustable angle0-75°±5°
Knee section adjustable angle0-35°±5°
Tilt left0-12°±1°
Tilt right0-12°±1°
CastorsFour Dia 125mm castors
Loading capacity230kg