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YA-D6-2 Automatic Hospital ICU Bed With Weighing Scale


Model: YA-D6-2

Overall Size: 2200*1000*520-720mm

Safe Working Load: 250kg

Functions: Backrest, Footrest, High-low, Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg

Certificate:  ISO/CE

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With Medik YA-D6-2 ICU bed, you will be able to maximize the safety of the patient while effectively rehabilitating him back to health with minimal incidents.

Main features

- Four split side rail, drop down

- Incorporated railing control with easily identifiable icon

- Nurse control incorporated in foot panel with LED display for moving state

- Detachable head/footboard with easy lock

- Central brake system with a wheel diameter of 150mm

- Manual CPR on both sides

- Bumper caster on four corners

- Auto-regress to remove the pressure of the abdomen when adjusting the backrest

- Auto-counter to provide the patient from sliding onto foot end

- Full-length X-ray translucent platform

- With base chassis cover

- Electric CPR

- Direction wheel function(optional)

- Weighing function(optional)

- With angle indicator embedded in the railing for back and Trendelenburg adjustment(optional)

Technical parameter

Overall size2200*1060 *520-770mm
Lying size1900*900 mm
Back section up/down0-75°
Foot section up/down0-40°
Height adjustment520-770mm
Revere- Trendelenburg0-12°
Safe loading capacity225kg


- IV stand

- Urine bag hook

- Nurse controller

- Options

- Weighing scale

- Bed exit alarm

- Steering wheel function

- Oxygen tank holder

- Angle indicator

- Mattress