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YA-AS08 Folding Emergency Ambulance Stretcher


Model: YA-AS08


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Certificate: ISO/CE

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The YA-AS08 ambulance stretcher with the removable stretcher surface offers excellent manoeuverability.Back section, leg section and height can be adjusted to meet different needs.It can flexibly transport the injured in various occasions such as gymnasiums, fields, and emergency rooms.

Main features 

- The surface is made of foamed cushion,vinyl protective cover that is durable and easy to clean 

- Infusion stand optional 

- Folding legs controlled by handles on both sides of the stretcher

- The stretcher can be locked by the fixing devices when on the ambulance car

- Trendelenburg

- Reverse Trendelenburg

- The height is adjustable 

Technical parameter

MaterialHigh-strength aluminum alloy
Size(Low position)1960*550*340mm
Size(High position)1960*550*980mm
Backrest adjustable0-65°
Footrest adjustable0-40°
Reverse Trendelenburg0-30°
Load capacity160kg