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YA-AS06 MRI Non-Magnetic Fixed Gurney with Wheels


Model: YA-AS06


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Certificate: ISO/CE

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YA-AS06 Non-Magnetic MRI Stretcher is suitable for use in 1.5t and 3.0t MRI examinations. There will be no movement or transfer in a strong magnetic environment, no suction, no interference on the results of MR examinations, and convenient transfer of patients.

Main features

- The frame is composed of a bed surface and a car body.

- The stretcher is equipped with a self-locking side rail

- The structure is mainly made of aluminum alloy and pure stainless steel. After strict demagnetization, aluminum alloy parts will be non-magnetic

- The backrest is adjusted by the handle

- All fixings are demagnetized iron screws

Technical parameter

Load capacity220kg