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YA-AS09 MRI Non-Magnetic Multi-Level Lift-In Ambulance Stretcher


Model: YA-AS09


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Certificate: ISO/CE

Warranty:  3-Year on Frame and Welds, and 1-Year on Parts

  • Product Details

YA-AS09 Non-Magnetic MRI Stretcher is suitable for use in 1.5t and 3.0t MRI examinations. In a strong magnetic environment, there will be no stretcher movement or transfer, no suction, no interference on the results of MR examinations, and convenient transfer of patients.The stretcher can be separated, and the board can be separated from the frame for quick transfer.

Main features

- The frame is composed of a bed surface and a car body. The bed surface can be separated from the car body.

- The stretcher is equipped with self-locking side rails

- After strict demagnetization treatment, aluminum alloy parts will be non-magnetic

- The backrest is adjusted by the handle

- All fixing parts are demagnetized screws

Technical parameter

Backrest adjustable0 - 75°
Load capacity160kg