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MK-AT01 Transfer Assist Trolley


Brand: Medik


Size: 800*615*1070mm

Certificate: CE/ISO

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Main features

- The parts which directly contact person is foamed PU material

- The foot plate can be separated into 2 parts(leg and right parts), which is controlled by the foot pedals

- The knee support can be adjusted a little from forward to backward

- Optional accessory: 1pc Adjustable safety belt (by 50mm)

- aluminum alloy frame for easy handing and operation

- low-chassis easy access to bed or other area needed minimum base height

- features of seat mould ergonomic seat covered with one time foaming pad for patient comfort and easy cleaing.rotaying on aluminum alloy casting bracket, convenient for patient to get access onto the cart.

- easy operated by foot pedal easy to open chassis by foot pedal, front leg can be widened for body closer to wheel chair, commode chair etc.

- the built-in handgrip helps the caregiver to turn the seat pad easily

- the foot platform is made of ABS through injection with anti-slip design for patient's stability

- cushioned hand rall the hand rail is for holding to provide safety and comfortable with cushioned cover

- knee support is give additional stability, through knee support, seat pad and hold rail, the triangle structure provides a safe and comfortable support for people on the trolley

Technical parameter

Trolley size800*615*1070mm
Front castor diameterΦ75mm
Rear castor diameterΦ100mm with brake
Trolley weight30kg
Loading capacity130kg

MK-AT01 Transfer Assist Trolley

MK-AT01 Transfer Assist Trolley