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YA-SH3-1 Semi-Electric Adjustable Homecare Bed


Model: YA-SH3-1

Overall Size: 71.6" x 29.6"

Safe Working Load: 452 lbs

Functions: Backrest adjustable, Footrest adjustable,High-Low

Certificate: CE/ISO

  • Product Details

The Semi-Electric Homecare Bed by Medik represents the commitment of high standards in manufacturing and customer satisfaction, and gives caregivers and patients alike the option for effective medical care at home. The frame is sturdy and reliable, making it a safe place for patients to rest and recover for long periods.


-  Safe and durable sleeping platform

-  Semi and full function can free switch by changing motor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              -  Original Hi/lo motor must be mounted by tool, but now designed without any tools and same assemble method as a single motor

-  Use a plastic lock instead of the original screw, avoid the apart between the bed end and bed frame.

-  Plastic gearbox and hand crank, can reduce the weight and cost. 

-  Unique motor is completely self-contained to reduce weight and noise

-  The bed design can pass IEC testing including Entrapment testing

- Full-length rails can pass IEC requirements, rails can be fixed to the frame without crossbar and save the packing

Technical Data

Overall size71.6" x 29.6"2185 x 905mm
Mattress size66" x 28.8"2015 x 880mm
Height Adjustable12.6" to 19"385-585mm
Back section0–70°0–70°
Knee section0–35°0–35°
Net Weight158 lbs71.7kg
Loading capacity452 lbs205kg