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MC-H04 Hydraulic Gynecologist Table


Brand:  Medik

Model: MC-H04

Overall Size: 1900*600*750-950mm

Loading capacity: 180kg

Certificate: ISO/CE

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Main Features

- MC-H04 type colligated delivery bed is applicable to childbearing and laying operation and normal surgical including chest, perineum and urine etc. 
- The main bed and assistant table board is linked as a whole one and dischargeable which adopt hydraulic pressure step and concealed stainless steel basin.
- The oil pump and base chassis cover are all made by stainless steel.

- The base seat and upright column covering are made of high quality 304 stainless steel, which is anti-corrosive and can be easily cleaned.

- The main bed and auxiliary bed are connected with each other, auxiliary table is easy for dismantling.

- Foot step hydraulic elevating, Imported Y type sealing ring and is durable.

- Equipped with stainless steel sewage basin and other various accessories.

- The mattress adopts high density memory sponge and is once formed,with no seam.

- Rotary brake device which is easy for moving obstetric table.

Technical parameter

Auxiliary bed600*600mm
Bed inclining forward≥10°    
Bed inclining backward≥20°  
Back board folding upward≥50°
Back board fold downward≥5°  
Mains voltageAC220V    
Input power150VA

Standard Accessories

- A pair of arm resting frame

- A pair of leg support frame

- A pair of armrest

- A stainless steel sewage basin.