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How much are electric hospital bed?

Jan 04 2021

The price of electric hospital bed can be different in wide scope due to their specification and brands. The basic electric hospital bed like our YA-D3-3, three functions with backrest, knee rest and height adjustment, could be around 500 USD at EXW factory. While the top ICU bed with a lot of features like YA-D8-1 could reach upto around 2200 USD, because it has many functions like total chair position, one button control for anti shock, bed exit, CPR etc..

Also different brands have different price with similar functions and specifications, for example, the Hill-rom Totalcare ICU bed could reach around 30000 USD for retailer.

The good brand manufacturer has good finishing for its hospital bed, the details of finishing is carefully attended during manufacturing with smooth edge, corner. The critical components are durable for many years, the design is elegant for appearance.