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MK-N01 Hospital Folding Stainless Steel 3-Part Ward Screen


Model: MK-N01

Overall Size: 1500*1800mm(3 pieces)

Load Capacity: 30 kg

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Stainless steel hospital ward screens can be easily installed and moved to provide isolation and privacy systems for hospitals, examination rooms, medical and health units, and many different areas.

Main features

- Size:2000*1800mm(3 pieces)
- Stainless steel frame

- The screen has dust-proof and antibacterial function.

- The Ward Screen can be wind penetrated, good for ventilation.

- The cloth /PU leather/PVC are easy to clean

- The screen can be assembled and disassembled easily.

Technical parameter

Material                 Stainless steel frame with waterproof cloth/PU leather/PVC       
Caster50mm  swivel caster  
Panel No#Optional(2-foldable, 3-foldable, 4-foldable...)