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MC-D01 Intelligent Birthing Bed


Model: MC-D01

Overall Size: 2350*940mm*540-890mm

Safe Working Load: 160kg

Certificate: CE / ISO

After-sale Service: Online technical support

Warranty:  5-Year on Frame and Welds, and 1-Year on Parts

  • Product Details

The MC-D01 hospital birthing bed is a new product that is designed and manufactured on the basis of human engineering and the idea of parturition accompany.The MC-D01 pay more attention to the emotion of the mother and baby, and also lighten the stress of the nurses because it can be operated on simply.

Main features

- It is easy to operate, and very flexible to move around. The center dynamic system makes the table more stable.

- The continued electrical supply system can be used in any emergency.

- The hidden obstruction guard can make the bed move through the narrow corridor flexibly and can move the patient to the ambulance without any delay.

- It has a convenient hand switch that can be controlled by nurses and patients.

- The inductive light can lighten the shadow of the bed automatically.

- The leg support can be hidden without movement and can be adjusted flexibly to lighten the stress of the nurses.

- It has the CPR heart and lungs-recovering function.

- The urethane bed plate is soft and convenient to wash which has the function of deodorization and antisepsis.


Model MC-D01
Bed dimensions including bed end and bumper wheel:2350*940mm (92.5″ 37″ )
Bed dimension:1950*880mm (77″ 34.5″ )
Bed height:540-890mm (21″ – 35″ )
Back section turning:≥65° electric
Seat section turning:≥12° electric
Trendelenburg:≥8° manual
Leg section lifting distance:110mm (4.3″ )
Footrest swings out:≥50° manual
Footrest folding:≥75°manual
Guard rail up/down movement:360mm manual (14″ )
CastorDia 125mm ( 5″ )
Bed capacity227 kg (500 lb)

Standard accessories

- Bed cushion 1 set

- I.V. stand 1pc

- Filth basin 1 pc

- Power cord 1 pc

- Battery back up 1 set

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