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Medik In Action To Combat Covid-19

Apr. 16, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has us all facing unchartered territory; during these unprecedented times, we must each determine our role. As a hospital furniture manufacturer, we see it as our responsibility to, first and foremost, support those dedicated providers serving on the front lines. 

‘We’ve seen an exponential increase in orders from all over the world. It brings us no happiness, as the current pandemic is having an immense impact on everyone. We do, however, consider it our duty to do everything possible for our customers in the most affected areas,’says Medik managing director Maple. 

For its customers, MEDIK will be launching webinars and online training. Training of personnel, primarily nurses, is key to the correct use of the beds, so the company will be offering online support beginning at the end of March.

Medik In Action To Combat Covid-19