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MK-B08 Infant Swaddling Table For Hospital


Model: MK-B08

Overall size: 100*60*100cm

Loading capacity: 20kg

Certificate: CE/ISO

Warranty:  3-Year on Frame and Welds, and 1-Year on Parts

  • Product Details

The Swaddling Table MK-B08 is a specialized hospital baby swaddling station. It is designed to efficiently swaddle and organize newborns and provides a safe and comfortable space for newborns while ensuring seamless handling and care. Combining efficient swaddling capabilities with features like drawers, cabinets, and a baby dressing function can greatly enhance the care provided to newborns and make the workflow of hospital staff more streamlined. 

Main features

- Powder spray structure 
- Scrubbable Leather Surface allows for easy cleaning and disinfecting

- With 2 top drawers

- With 1 lockable cabinet

- Ergonomic Design provides a comfortable and practical workspace

- Raised Rails ensures maximum safety

Technical parameter

MaterialPowder spray
Drawer2 pcs
Cabinet1 pc
Load capacity20 KG